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Bexhill's historical buildings

Within Bexhill-on-Sea, you will be able to find and enjoy many wonderful and extraordinary buildings. Many date back to the start of the last century, some date back as far as the 17th Century. Below, I have compiled a list of some of the older and more interesting structural achievements.

Bell Hotel: First referenced 1751. Thought to be 17th century.
Belle Hotel Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: Built 1825, closed 1938.
Bexhill Institute: Built 1887. Now youth centre.
Bexhill West Station: Opened 1902. Railway closed 1964. Now auction gallery.
Bexhill Central Station: Opened 1902.
Bijou Cinema: Opened 1910. During WWII name changed to St. George's Cinema. Closed 1954.
Castle Hotel: Built 1886. Gave to brewery 1892.
Cinema De Luxe: Opened 1913. Closed 1921.
Clock Tower, West Parade: Intended for 1902 but not completed until 1904.
Collington Manor: A medieval farmhouse converted into a Tudor-style residence by Daniel Mayer at the end of the 19th century. Demolished 1968.
Colonnade: Built 1911, opened July 1911.
Cooden Beach Hotel: Opened 1931.
Curzon Picture Playhouse Cinema: Playhouse became Curzon in 1974.
Cycle Chalet: Opened 1896, used as timekeeper's chalet in 1902 automobile races.
De La Warr Gates: Opened 1895. Demolished 1913.
De La Warr Pavilion: Designed 1934. Built 1935. Opened December 1935.
Devonshire Hotel: Built and opened 1886. Enlarged 1929. Ceased to be a hotel in 1957.
Devonshire Square Railway Station: Opened 1891. Closed 1902.
Egerton Park Theatre: Started 1933 on site of Park Pergola.
Egerton Park: Laid out in 1888 by John Webb. Acquired by Urban Council 1901.
Egerton Park Swimming Pool: Built 1889. Closed in mid-1980s. Demolished 1987.
Gaiety Cinema: Bombed in 1940 and never reopened.
Granville Hotel / Grand Hotel: Built 1902. Opened 1905. Demolished after fire 2003.
Henry Lane Memorial: Opened 1898.
Hotel Riposo: Demolished 1961 to make way for flats.
Kursaal: Built and opened 1896. Demolished 1936. Part of the site now occupied by Sailing Club, their headquarters since 1965.
London and County Bank: Opened 1898.
Maharajah of Cooch Behar Memorial Fountain: Opened 18th September 1913. Removed to Egerton Park in 1934. Demolished 1963.
Manor House: At least 13th century. Demolished 1968.
Marina Court: Opened 1901. Demolished in 1970 to make a car park.
Metropole Hotel: Construction began 1897, opened 1900. Left derelict 1941 after bomb damage. Demolished 1955 - now putting green by De La Warr Pavilion.
Metropolitan Convalescent Institution: Opened 1881. In 1905 another convalescent institution for men was built in Cooden. Demolished 1988.
Pankhurst Mill: From at least 1813. Removed to Leigh (Kent) 1928. Collapsed 1960.
Park Pergola: Built 1906. Became theatre and indoor bowling centre 1933.
Park Shelter Hall/Museum: Built as Park Shelter Hall 1903. Museum opened 1914.
Parkhurst Road Methodists' Church: Built 1895. Opened July 1896.
Post Office, Devonshire Square: Opened 1931.
Ritz Cinema: Opened 1937. Closed 1961.
Roberts Marine Mansions / Marine Mansions Hotel: Built 1895. Bought for holiday home 1903. Bombed WWII, demolished 1954. Now block of flats since 1961.
Roller Skating Rink: Opened 1910. Closed during 1920's.
Sackville Hotel: Opened 1890. Closed 1960. Converted into flats 1963.
Sackville Lodge: Built 1903.
Sidley Station. Opened 1902. Closed in the 1960s by Beeching. The site is now a filling station.
St. Andrew's Church: Dedicated 1900.
St. Mary Magdalene's Church: Original Catholic church opened in 1891. Consecrated 1913.
St. Steven's Church: Consecrated 1900.
St. Barnabas' Church: Consecrated 1891.
St. Michael's Church: Dedicated in v1930 and built in a gothic revival style of local materials.
St. Peter's Church: Originally built in 8th century. Saxon in origin. Registers started 1558.
St. Mark's Church, Little Common: Built and began 1842.
St. Mark's School, Little Common: Opened 1855. Closed 1961. Demolished 1967.
The Cairo, Marina Arcade: Built c.1905.
The Sussex Inn, Sidley: Demolished and replaced by Sussex Hotel in 1900.
The Down Mill / Hoad's Mill: Built 1735. Operated until 1928. Collapsed 1965.
The Pelham Hotel, Sidley: Built 1902.
The New Inn, Sidley: Known as the Five Bells in mid 18th century.
The Wheatsheaf, Little Common: Substantially modified in 1886.
Town Hall: Built 1894. Opened 1895.
Victoria Hall: Opened by congregationalists 1887. Now part of the London Road church opened in June 1897.
War Memorial, Little Common: Unveiled 21st November 1920.
War Memorial, Seafront: Unveiled 12th December 1920.
War Memorial, Outside St. Mary Magdalene's Church: Unveiled 2nd November 1919.
Wilton Court: Opened 1900. Closed 1970.
York Hotel: Built 1895.
York Hall: Built 1895. Became Gaiety Cinema 1935. Now part of commercial premises.

Blog of Bexhill's memorials, monuments and sculptures

Paul Wright, a volunteer at Bexhill Museum and a member of their Local History Group, has put together a comprehensive blog containing the imporant memorials, monuments and sculptures in Bexhill. You can see his website here.