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Jobs In Bexhill

posted by john on 20 Oct 2009 at 2:34 am

we are moving to bexhill this month i am looking for a part time job in a small bakers or catering place, just a few hours a week ,and my husband is looking for a more permanant and full time job, he is also in catering an has worked in restaurants and kitchens doing prep and light cooking in london.i want to stay local but my husband does not mind travelling say to hastings if needed, any suggestions and help ?

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Reliable Job Seeker Can You Help?

posted by tara on 03 Jul 2010 at 10:26 pm

Hi there I am 21 in aug, I have been struggling to find a job, like alot of people now days. I have 2 GCSE's and Childcare home practitioner level3 qualification. I completed the childcare course with the intension to get a job in a Nursery however after alot of interview and alot of CV's I have just found out it is not suitable for a Nursery!. I have aboyt 5 years of babysitting and nanny experience I have also completed a 5 month voluntary programme at a nursery.
I am look for ANY WORK! such as Nanny Job, Retail Job, Receptionist, cafe work, Cleaner, Kitchen Assistant, Hotel work ect.. in Bexhill and areas around If you feel you can help me I would be soo grateful if you could get in touch

Many Thanks

Tara x

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