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Smashed Glass in Town

posted by Rob on 31 Oct 2009 at 2:44 pm

Hi i'm a local BMXer (i know all frown at me) and i can't help notice the amount of smashed glass there seems to be about town recently this is not only a problem to cyclists but also dogs and young children something needs to be done.
Also we have a set of jumps in levetts woods at the top of sidley which some of you may have come across but its worring the amount of young children (under 10yrs) who seemed to be kicked out by the parents to just wander the area and cause a nuisance to others, what is wrong with these parents? ALSO PLEASE BE CAREFULL IF YOU DO GO UP THE JUMPS AS WE HAD A LOT OF GLASS SMASHED UP THERE (also by young kids with no parents at night time!!!) RECENTLY WE THINK WE HAVE CLEARED IT ALL BUT MORE AND MORE KEEPS BEING NOTICED BE CAREFULL WITH DOGS ESPECIALLY

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