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E Godwin & Sons

posted by Simon Gray on 19 Sept 2010 at 6:01 pm

Does anyone remember anything about E Godwin & Sons, originally in Sackville Road and then Devonsih Square before moving to Hastings. Anyone know what line of business they were in, or have any pictures?


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E Godwin & Son

posted by Rod Waite on 30 Sept 2010 at 7:29 pm

E Godwin,s were a local builder in bexhill,I worked for them when I left school in 1964.they did some 1st class work around the area and had some excellent tradesmen such as Herbie Hoad,Kevin Dodswell (who now lives in whydown) Horace Lincoln (who lives in barrack rd) and many others.Godwins work on several churches in Bexhill and did some fine work which is very much missed today.I have some very found memories of working with them.Rod Waite.

Thanks For Responding

posted by Simon Gray on 29 Oct 2010 at 9:33 pm

Hello Rod,
thanks for taking the time to reply. That's great information.
It will probably seem daft, but the reason I asked was because I now own a Morris Minor Pick-Up truck that was first bought by E Godwin's in Jan 1970 and whilst I know it was one of thousands then, I just wanted to get a little history.
From the DVLA documents it looks like the firm was in liquidation in 1977 and my truck was sold on in 1978. I suppose it's a long shot that anyone would have a picture of the premises in Sackville Road, or better still some of the vehicles around 1970.

E Godwin & Son

posted by Kevin Doswell on 19 Aug 2015 at 9:37 pm

Hi Simon lve just come across your post re E Godwin & Son, as Rod states in his post I was an employee on Godwins. I served my carpentry apprenticeship on Godwins under Horace Lincoln. Godwins had two Morris pick ups, these were the foremans transport but they would have been registered pre 1970 and a Ford transit size pick up truck. I remember driving one of the Morris's when a foreman was on holiday, it had a canopy over the back with two bench seats to give the labour force transport to work, this is illegal to do now. There office was above the Christian Science premises just two shops down from Wells shoe shop in Sackville rd, they also had a yard at the top of Reginald road. on the right. Much of there work was one off building contracts and maintenance work for the then GPO, ministry and county council. They were bought out by another building company befor they went into liquidation.

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