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Something Needs To Be Done!!!

posted by Cassandra Deeprose on 24 Oct 2010 at 9:48 pm

Being 21 and have had spent my childhood in bexhill all i have is good memories of the old horse's in egerton play park that would grab a young girls imaganation today.

Bexhill 100 use to be along the prom and there use to be so much to do and and there was always a big turn out.

Now all we have is ummm well not alot!!! Bexhill has some amazing hisory and so much more could be done with are little town. As a young person I would love to learn more and would be more than willing to help fundraising to make the place I love to become what it was for the next generation. if you have any ideas or anything to tell me about bexhill please let me know.

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Not Enough Done

posted by Rod Clifton on 16 Mar 2011 at 10:13 pm

Hi Cassandra, I applaud you. I am considerately older than you, but used to take my children to the park, and they still talk about the horses and when they were stolen. I remember the swimming pool, is there still a Bexhill Carnival? It's disappointing that you had no response, but don't give up, there are a lot of like minded people, they just need a kick.
Good luck, Rod.

Well Done Cassandra

posted by Cary on 21 Mar 2011 at 12:06 am

I hope that someone visiting this site takes note (belatedly) of Cassandra's posting and takes her up on her offer of help and support for the town and importantly, notes her enthusiasm. It's what we need!


posted by dave on 24 Apr 2011 at 10:02 pm

where to start well bexhill is a great place but has many problems,
the bexhill 100 was scuppered by not being able to charge admission,It's a sad reflection that people have to make money from an event, what ever happened to the idea of free entertainment, which brought thousands of visitors into the town and hence the town made money indirectly.
The swimming pool was closed because of CRACKS,which could have easily been repaired,but they needed a new tenant for a large chunk of the old gas works site at glyne gap,why they would build a swimming pool and grocery shops on a sit badly contaminated with cyanide and many other chemicals, Which were never cleaned up. there was a token effort but dig deep enough close to the pool and you will find the old creosote tanks still buried and slowly rusting away.
the theft of the horses was very sad, I can remember many happy days there playing in the park,on a saturday the park was so full, people lining up for the pool,the row boats, the play park,the little cafe up the steps overlooking the pool.what is there now. a few people playing Bowles in the summer, a little tennis and not much else.
bexhill could be great again, here's an idea do away with the relentless parking fees and traffic wardens and bexhill will be busy again,why struggle to park and then pay a fortune for it and look out if your bumper is 2 inches over the line, it's easier to go over to the crumbles and shop.
ok moan over any comments greatly received.

Dave, What Is Your Surname

posted by Rod Clifton on 26 Apr 2011 at 11:06 pm

In the 70s Bexhill was still good. I agree with your comments. Life was simple then, why shouldn't it be now?

Simple Life

posted by dave on 07 May 2011 at 3:37 am

I agree things were simpler then because people expected less gave more and respected people and the town, now everyone seems to be in a mad dash rush to get no where.people need to go back to walking down town instead of driving and complaing about the parking,shop at the small local shops not the supermarkets,stop and say hello to a stranger in the street,buy a complete stranger a cup of tea for the pleasure in doing so,try these random acts of kindness and you will be amazed and how easy it is to brighten the day of a stranger.

Parking Fees?

posted by Gary on 08 May 2011 at 4:17 pm

Sorry Dave but do you actually know Bexhill? I ask because you complain about the relentless parking fees and the traffic wardens. Aside from the De La Warr car park I know of no where that charges for parking in Bexhill. One thing I love about Bexhill is that you can park in the centre or along the seafront without having to find any coins to pay for parking. As for traffic wardens; if only! People in Bexhill are incapable of parking properly; double parking with hazards going, simply stopping when they want to rather than appropriately. I would love to see tighter restrictions, clearer roads and no one stopping where they want without a care in the world. I even see people parking on the zigzag lines; something that is a criminal offence!


posted by dave on 24 May 2011 at 3:19 am

I know bexhill very well, I dont park in the side streets down town because people live there and need to park their own cars, somewhere close to where they live, imagine if I and many others parked right outside your house how would you feel.I used to park in beeching road in the never used massive car park but they slapped parking charges and restrictions all over that one,so unless I want to park right outside someones house/flat, then I walk down, If the local councillors who will remain nameless didnt do a back room deal with sainsburys, and con bexhill out of the multi story car park that should be on the sainsburys site with foot bridge over to Devonshire square.which was part of the original agreement for allowing the supermarket to be built in the first place, bexhill wouldn't have a parking problem.

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