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Mobility Issues - Using Drop Kerbs

posted by Dave on 30 Jan 2012 at 2:41 pm

I run a mobility/disability shop in Collington Avenue, and am interested to hear from those people who have to use wheelchairs and mobility scooters about their views on access routes into the town centre and sea front from different parts of Bexhill. The reasons for me asking this include:
a) It might be useful to construct a map showing decent access routes - I know that many people can't cross the road by our shop as the 'drop kerb' is still a good 2'' higher than the road for example.
b) Perhaps we can identify some 'blackspots' and point these out to the council for rectification, so that people can have a better and safer route

I was wondering about whether a training course for mobility scooters, perhaps in conjunction with Bexhill Police, would have any takers? If we get a significant response I will put some effort into setting one up.
Any views appreciated. Thanks.

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