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Egerton Park Play Area

posted by Tony Jones on 23 May 2012 at 1:46 pm

I believe that despite a significant signed petition that proposals have been approved to remove the fence surrounding the children's play area in Egerton Park. This would leave the play area open for roaming dogs to enter and run around the children at their leisure in addition to the possibility that children will be able to stray away from what was a relatively safe, enclosed platy area into the rest of the park and dare I say the boating lake. Surely this is wrong and the Council can't really be implementing such a ridiculous plan??

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Is A Fence Needed?

posted by michelle on 29 May 2012 at 8:17 pm

I disagree, and do not think it is wrong :)

There are bylaws for Egerton Park for dogs to be on leads, so dogs should not be roaming. If you see it, why not approach the owner - they may not be aware, or report it to the council.

Alexander Park in Hastings does not have a fence round the lakes/water/streams - not sure it is an issue?

How about parents keeping watch on their children?

Surely It's Safer Being An Enclosed Play Area?

posted by Tony on 31 May 2012 at 2:28 pm

My point isn't about whether parents do or do not keep watch on their Children.

It is about the fact that based on experience of regularly using Egerton Park and seeing numerous dogs off their leads, running around the park and the fact that an enclosed children's play area is much safer than an open access area?

I'd spend all day approaching the owners of dogs off leads if I did that and wouldn't then be watching over my Children.

Being able to watch our Children from a distance knowing that they are safe within the enclosed play area is important and my question was 'should the fence around the small play area in Egerton be removed'? Not, let's compare it to Alexandra Park and should the lakes/water/streams be fenced off - quite a difference...

Just because there are bylaws for Egerton Park that doesn't mean they are adhered to.

Egerton Park Play-zone

posted by Kirsten Torrance on 20 Mar 2013 at 4:12 pm

Hi all,
My name is Kirsten Torrance and I am a mum of two young children. I am currently leading a campaign to get a fence erected around the new Play-zone in Egerton Park. If you feel that a fence would be beneficial to our children's safety, could you please take the time to sign our online petition.

Also, if you are on Facebook, then there is a page to keep supporters updated. Just click the link and like the page to receive updates.

Thank you very much.


posted by J Townson on 15 Jun 2013 at 10:03 am

Just put up the fence! What is more important, how nice it looks or safety! We all know that dog owners are sometimes too relaxed letting their dogs off leads and a few of my friends children are scared of dogs, especially ones running towards them, I had one owner saying their dog was friendly and it nipped my daughter on the knee! Not to mention dog poo, I love dogs but the kids have got to come first, also kids and water don't mix!

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