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Shocking Website

posted by Caroline Gham-Boh on 21 Jul 2012 at 12:23 pm

I was looking at your website as we are planning on moving to Bexhill and was outrageously shocked by what is written on the first page. (see below)
"Bexhill-on-Sea seems to have retained all the best qualities of English life since the turn of the last century whilst managing to avoid most of the unpleasant influences which seem to have plagued so many other towns."
What do you mean by "unpleasant influences", "plagued"?
Are foreigners/coloured people not welcome in your town?
Aren't we in the 21st Century?
I am a French Citizen who has been living in England (London)for the last 15 years, I work for the Government and pay taxes. I have nener been discriminated against and that is what makes the beauty of the UK.
Shall I remind you that HM the Queen is also the Head of State of the Commonwealth countries without which Britain would just be a little island. Britain got its wealth by colonising and stealing the wealth of all these foreign countries with coloured people.You owe them a lot, discrimination should not exist in this country.
On a more pleasant note, we visited Bexhill and absolutely loved it. We met lovely welcoming and open-minded people. Are they the minority? Shall we reconsider moving to Bexhill?
I would love to have an answer before we relocate to this lovely town.

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Jumping To Conclusions

posted by Sheila on 21 Jul 2012 at 1:13 pm

I am rather surprised at the conclusion you appear to have jumped to. I would assume that the "unpleasant influences" mentioned are more to do with 60s planners who wrecked so many town centres and residential areas. Bexhill has always been a quiet and peaceful holiday area and a lot of effort has been made to keep it that way. Do you want to see rows of amusement arcades and dodgem cars defacing the sea front? Another "unpleasant influence" that has been kept at bay. I cannot understand why you feel justified in posting such a ludicrous rant.

To be honest, despite protests to the contrary, the whole tone of your post shouts out that you really despise the British and are only to ready to make negative assumptions on a simple truthful statement.
I agree with you - Bexhill is probably not the place for you to relocate to.

Shocking ... But Not The Website

posted by Anne on 22 Jul 2012 at 10:19 am

How on earth can you interpret "unpleasant influences" as racial discrimination?!?!? Apart from Sheila's previous comments, what about crime, dirt, noise, etc? I have only recently moved to Bexhill and it is a very friendly welcoming place. I agree with Sheila, you should consider taking yourself and that chip on your shoulder elsewhere!

Don't Bother

posted by Adrian on 23 Jul 2012 at 6:20 pm

Caroline stay where you are.

Making Assumptions

posted by janet on 24 Jul 2012 at 2:03 pm

I agree with the previous messages. When did " unpleasant influences" become racial discrimination?? This person is making a lot of assumptions. I seem to recall France has a history of colonial rule and by & large the UK has maintained it's links with it's commonwealth to which we are justly proud of.Discrimination on grounds of race, religion, disabilitity etc have broken down hugely in this country over the last 3 decades. You only have to look at the recent torchbearers to see the evidence of that.

What A Disgrace!

posted by Geoff on 24 Jul 2012 at 10:39 pm

What a shocking racist interpretation of an honest comment! Please, perhaps you shouldn't be working for the British Government... paid for by MY TAXES and possibly you should consider going back to live in France. Your comment is a total nonsense.
I've never been to Bexhill but would very much like to. However, a minor criticism is that there is no obvious mention on here about KEANE, possibly, nay probably one of the best British bands of the decade. Don't they originate from Bexhill? Good Luck with potential residents like this clown!

Negative Thoughts

posted by Stella on 25 Jul 2012 at 11:49 am

I moved to Bexhill eight and a half years ago and have really enjoyed living here. We have a lovely sea front, the De La Warr Pavillion, the Museum, a very nice town with lots of small shops. This summer not only have we had the torch come through - a lot of fun, Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex visited - that was a delightful couple of hours - they officially opened the Diamond Jubilee Walk and encouraged the children to take part. We have the coach on the De La Warr Pavillion - again something that is fun. It is lovely to walk along the sea front, and to sit and watch the 'world' go by.

I am sure you would enjoy living here. And ignore a lot of the letters you may read in the local paper. Unfortunately too many people have negative thoughts and would prefer the town as it was decades ago. Onwards and upwards!!

It Is No Surprise

posted by Gloria on 25 Jul 2012 at 2:54 pm

Caroline's comment does not suprise me at all.Typical french arrogance.

Crazy Interpretation!

posted by Fi on 26 Jul 2012 at 3:09 pm

I was gobsmacked when I read Caroline's post - what a totally crazy interpretation of an innocent and as far as I can see, totally un-racist comment!
Please do not move to Bexhill, I don't think your attitude will be welcomed!
From Caroline's comment (as someone else has noted)she sounds to me rather racist against British people if anything, which isn't really a very healthy attitude to harbour if you live here.

Why don't you move back to France if you don't like it?


Get A Grip!

posted by Gillian Schifreen on 30 Jul 2012 at 7:41 pm

For goodness sake Caroline you are totally out of order. The person who has caused the town to pull together most in the past year is Mo Bourner (short for Mohammed). Sadly injured in a moment of stupidity. The town has raised thousands for his care and rehabilitation - are these the actions of racists?

Shocking Website

posted by Rod Clifton on 19 Dec 2012 at 10:13 pm

Well defended Bexhill, I agree Caroline Gham-Boh seems to have a very big racist chip on her shoulder and might be better of in her native country.

Fuel On The Fire.

posted by dave on 20 Dec 2012 at 2:15 am

OK here goes lets throw some fuel on the fire here. From what i have read from the first post it would seem that caroline has a huge chip on her shoulder and being french i suspect dosnt help, so here is my advise, go back to france stay there and forget about bexhill because im sure that by the time you get on the ferry bexhill would have forgotten all about you.good bye and dont let the door hit you in the rear end on the way out :-)
just a foot note here, i know lots of french people and coloured people,all of whom are very nice people,but they manage to go through life without a huge tree on their shoulders. life is to short for this so, this will be my only post on this subject,I have more important things to think about.

Why On Earth Would You Think That Comment Had Anything To Do With Racism?

posted by Genni on 27 Feb 2015 at 12:36 pm

Why on earth would you think that comment had anything to do with racism? We are talking about the TOWN here. Bexhill is a quiet - some would say too quiet - seaside town which has managed for the most part to avoid becoming over-commercialised or 'touristy'. There is an older Edwardian heritage, and on the other hand, the De La Warr (pronounced Delaware) - Pavilion holds it own both as a 'Modernist icon' and also as a prominent centre for art exhibitions in the Southeast, with its own theatre, bookshop and café-restaurant. What's not to enjoy?


posted by gremlin on 16 Mar 2015 at 1:20 am

good grief Bexhill.

so the lady jumped to perhaps the wrong conclusion in her post.

what you have all done is exhibited the attitude of ignorance, arrogance and condescension that she appears to be trying to avoid.

whatever happened to trying to relate to someone else or understand them ? no, lets just say well don't come then. then you can all sit down and bask in your own smugness.

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