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Dogs On Beach

posted by Luan Chetri on 26 Jul 2012 at 8:11 pm

Can anyone advise what the rules are mean't to be. Today a very hot day, myself and my children where sitting on the beach, up the end by Glynne gap, bexhill side. Two women came onto the beach with two massive staff's, let them off the lead, while they sat chatting, not taking a blind bit of notice of the dogs. There were a load of little kids running around, what with the recent dog attack by a similar dog in Hastings on the news only yesterday. 1 proceeded then to foul, the lady took so long to get up, by the time she leisurely strolled over to pick it up, the sea had swept it away. Not sure if it was just this inconsiderate women, who didn't think it was an issue, the fact that she had ruined the enjoyment of everyone on the beach, the children to whom were no longer able to swim in the sea, incase they swam into what her dog had left. Is there rules against dogs on leads. Does anyone know what your mean't to do, ring to report etc. I was fuming and totally ruined the day at the beach for my kids.

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posted by Hollie on 31 Aug 2012 at 5:18 pm

There are certain beaches where dogs are and are not aloud. Clearly sign posted. She prob didnt ignore the dog pooping on purpose. Also dont judge just beacuse its a staff at the end of the day its not the dog
A fault its the owners . And yes if the dog is aloud on that beach then they can walk with out the lead as long as they are not a risk to the public or other dogs i dont see a problem.

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