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Meeting Of The Sackville Neighbourhood Panel

posted by David on 01 Sept 2012 at 12:14 pm

Meeting of the Sackville Neighbourhood Panel

Date/Time and place of next quarterly meeting is 13th September 2012 7:00pm at St Barnabus Church, Sea Road, Bexhill.

Come and have your say at the Sackville Neighbourhood Panel Meeting and influence Policing priorities for your area.

If there are things going on that you want to raise e.g. Safety concerns, Anti social behaviour, speeding cars, inconsiderate parking or other local problems come along.

For information the boundaries of Sackville are Sea Road into Upper Sea Road and De La Warr Road. Anything between those roads and the sea is Sackville, but anyone is welcome to come along and have a say, just because you do not live in this area you probably pass through it.

Please see link below that takes you to the Sackville Neighbourhood Panel page of the Sussex Police


If you have any queries please e-mail me at:- sackvillepanel@yahoo.com

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