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Team White Horse Look For Sponsorship

posted by Jennie on 19 Oct 2012 at 11:25 pm

Dudoso VIII is a very special horse and in September 2012 he qualified for Spain's prestigious horse show held in his native Seville.

The show: SICAB takes place from 20-25th November 2012 and is only open to invited equines.

Although the journey to the show will be physically long for the horse, it is going to be a massive financial road for his owner / rider Jennie Cunliffe and time is desperately short to raise the funds needed to compete at these World Championships for the Andalusian horse.

You may recognise The White Horse, not for his appearance in many horse shows but for the fact that he featured in top band Keane's recent music video "Sovereign Light Cafe", which was shot on Bexhill beach in May.

So the next time you see a White Horse galloping along the beach, why not stop and ask him for a pat and a photo or two as many have done before you, he loves the attention!

Dudoso's competition record speaks for itself and he is a bit of a local celebrity. For this reason Jennie is hoping to raise funds to get her equine star to Spain to compete.

For example transport costs for the horse alone are ?1800, entry fees for the show are 300 euros and the list goes on and on!

If you would like to sponsor Dudoso for the once in a lifetime opportunity he and his owner have earned in qualifying for SICAB then do please get in touch or see the pair's facebook page "Get Team White Horse to SICAB 2012".

Many thanks for looking and for your support.

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