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Renovation Property In Bexhill

posted by Mick on 30 Jan 2013 at 11:45 am

This might be a big ask but I think it might be worth a try. We were wondering if any of you using this message board who live in the lovely Bexhill-on-Sea know of any interesting, abandoned or derelict properties that need renovation? We are looking for somewhere in Bexhill that is available now or in the near future that we could renovate into a home for just the two of us. A character property is preferred, even unusual or an empty building, with outside space that we could make into somewhere for us to live, the number of bedrooms is not important though the price is therefore the cheaper the better. The property would be for our own home and not for investment or to rent out or to sell on, we like Bexhill and intend to move here this year.

Please reply any ideas on here or email us on mr.michael_smith[AT]outlook.com and forward my email with this message to any owner you think has such a property that might need saving and make us a home.
Thank you in advance Mick.

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