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A Plea About Parent And Child Spaces

posted by Sarah on 21 Feb 2013 at 9:48 pm

Before I had children I didn't fully understand the reason for these spaces. Despite this I had the courtesy not to use them as I wasn't a parent with a child.

Now I have children I understand why they're there. The Law insists that I put my children in car seats and it is nigh-on impossible to get a child safely in and out of those seats without adequate space between the cars, as you have to have enough room for both you and the child and to be able to manouevre. This is especially true with tinies when you are often lifting them in and out in the actual car seats themselves.

You can't do any of this in the average space between cars when let's face it you generally have to walk sideways to fit just one person and then squeeze in and out of the car through a partially open door so you don't bash the car next to you. So the extra room the designated spaces give is therefore much needed by parents with children who have to use car seats.

I have sometimes had to leave places as I couldn't park anywhere where I could safely load and unload the children. So I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when people use these space when they do not need them. It's not even as if there are many of these spaces.

Today I went to Sainsbury's and the majority of the parent and child spaces were taken up by those without children. I very politely explained to a perfectly mobile childless older gentlemen who had parked in one the reason they are there and was given a mouthful of abuse in return. This has happened at Tesco too.

The contempt people seem to have for these spaces seems to be down to the mistaken belief they're just there so we can park closer to the shop and 'why should we'.

So I hope by explaining the actual practical reasoning behind them people may understand more and think twice about parking in them next time. We parents trying to get about with children in car seats would really appreciate that.

Thank you.

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