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Bexhill Street Names

posted by Paul on 13 Mar 2013 at 11:40 am

I am helping Bexhill Museum compile a list of the reason for Bexhill's street and road names, but I am struggling with some of them. Does anyone know the origin of the following names? Ashcombe Drive, Bancroft Road, Bidwell Avenue, Brackern Close, Bramlea Close, Callum Walk, Carfax Close, Chalden Place, Chandler Road, Chartres, Chelgates, Clifton Rise, Cranleigh Close, Dalehurst Road, Dalmeny Road, Elmstead Road, Eversley Road, gatelands Drive, Glenburn Close, Gelnthorn Road, Gordon Place, Grazebrook Close, Hamilton Terrace, Haslam Crescent, Jacobs Acre, Kennedy Road, Kenton Close, Kinver Lane, Knebworth Road, Lewis Avenue, Linden Road, Linley Close, Lucy Way, Maberley Road, Martyns Way, Millham Close, Parkhurst Road, Plemont Gardens, Redwell Avenue, Royston Gardens, Saxby Road, Sedgewick Road, Silvester Road, Southcourt Avenue, St Annes Close, St James Road, St Johns Road, St Margarets Close, Sutherland Avenue, Tiverton Drive, Warwick Road, Westcourt Drive, White Hill Avenue, Wliton Road, and Wychurst Gardens. Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated.

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