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Bexhill Road Crossings

posted by Simon Raggett on 19 Mar 2013 at 7:26 pm

I visited Bexhill recently and won't be visiting again. The town has busy two direction roads passing through residential areas, including one such road right outside the station. No where on these roads could I see zebra crossings, crossing lights, road islands or any attempt at road narrowing or stategic ramps. Roads had to be crossed at the run. The town is notable for its elderely populaton, so I assume that many of them are effectively under house arrest.

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posted by cary on 20 Mar 2013 at 10:32 pm


I fail to see how Bexhill can be considered exceptionally busy, particularly when compared with virtually any other towns.

I would also suggest that it's pretty normal to have "busy" two direction roads passing through residential areas...it's how road networks generally evolve.

As for around Bexhill station, to go eastwards, there is a zebra crossing almost opposite the station (the black and white markings and pedestrian lights are the obvious giveaway). To go southwards, you only have to cross the narrow one-way street (Endwell Road)to take you to the sea (across one more seafront zebra crossing), to go northbound, you have a similar one-way street to cross (Station Road) and to go west-bound, you can walk straight down to Devonshire Square, location of the stategically placed ramps and road narrowing, together with a load of balls (concrete). Agreed that this area can be dangerous, since you can easily get mown down by the plethora of mobility scooters racing around on the pavements.

Perhaps I might suggest that the pedestrianised areas of Hastings, Eastbourne or Brighton might better suit...I am sure that you will find this far more civilised and safer?


posted by dave on 23 Mar 2013 at 3:54 am

I'm still laughing, I know bexhill well and there are low curbs, zebra crossings and lights every ten feet hahahahha, you are right though the scooters will get you every time.

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