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Coastal Cycle Route

posted by Terry on 12 Aug 2013 at 6:44 pm

Having moved to Bexhill two years ago I was dismayed to find that cycling along the prom was not allowed. Like many enthusiastic cyclists I am therefore delighted that Rother has at last approved cycling, albeit without the safety of a marked cycle lane. The approval was a long time coming when you acknowledge that the promenade was actually a cycle broadway in Victorian times!

Having acknowledged this small milestone I am still mystified as to why cycling is prohibited from the section of promenade at the end of the West Parade. The width is more than adequate and the surface ideal so why has the prohibition not been lifted from this section. Having cycled along the sea front you have to brave the ridiculous cycle route along Cooden Drive and risk life and limb moving in and out parked cars blocking the route.
Surely the governments recent announcement of additional funding for cycle routes is an ideal opportunity for Rother/ East Sussex to complete a section of Cycle route linking Bexhill with Eastbourne, if not on the prom then at least away from the roadway.
I have to say that Worthing provides a shining example of how cycling routes should be layed out, clearly marked, good surfaces and along routes that people use.
Can anyone tell me why Bexhill is so slow in moving forward in this area?

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