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Southern Water Customer Consultation

posted by bexhill boy on 21 Aug 2013 at 12:23 pm

As part of Southern Water's next 5 year (AMP6) Plan they have been engaging with their Customers to get their views on what issues are important to them.

I therefore thought it would be good to share this valuable Customer consultation with the people of Bexhill (after all, we are part of Southern Water's Customer base).


Southern Water Director of Strategy and Regulation, Simon Oates, is reported as saying:

“We have talked in detail to thousands of people over the past 16 months to identify what matters most to our customers. This has enabled us to develop a plan which is focused on meeting their expectations and delivering the improvements they want...."

After all of this 16 month consultation, SWS Customers apparently want;

• Responsive customer service
• A constant supply of high quality drinking water
• Removing wastewater effectively
• Looking after the environment
• Better information and advice
• Affordable bills

In summary, their customers fundamentally want clean water to come out of their taps when opened, want their toilets to empty when flushed and want their bills to be more affordable.

Well there's a surprise that we probably could have put together in 10 minutes, let alone 16 months of expensive consultation.

As a SWS Customer, can I add that I would also like my money to be better spent??

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