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Looking For Old Friends

posted by Brenda Etheridge nee Preston on 02 Apr 2014 at 10:47 am

Hi everyone,
I have just discovered this site. I went to the Downs secondary school (left in 1959) but also Hadley Bourne school. I haven't lived in Bexhill for many years but visit a friend from time to time. I would love to make contact with others who may remember me. Names I remember are Carol Chamberlain,Christine Aldridge, Leila Mc Williams,and Barry Henderson who attended Hadley Bourne school. He used to play the recorder and he and I used to play duets and trios in the Hastings festival!! Fingers crossed.

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Nazereth House Convent 1977

posted by cheryl noone on 13 Oct 2015 at 1:00 pm

Hi I am looking for anyone that was in the house in 1977 onwards and remembers me and my brother graham,we started on the ground floor with mrs kelly and the longer we we're there we moved to the top floor,my closest friends there were,ester who lived ther she was round my age I was 8-9 ,derek cosgrove who was very much a loner but he always used to talk to me,he has a budgie,I was so jealous lol,kim and vicky hall,denise kelly who was the daughter of mrs kelly who worked there,my best friend who didn live ther but her mum marion worked ther (rachael cotton) who I did stay in contact with until I was about 17 then lost touch,robert and geoffrey tottham,geoffrey was my first childhood love hahaha,I would love to hear from anyone,auntie rita gilmont I think her name was that worked with me and my brother graham,we used to go stay at her house with her family,I think her daughters name was evonne she had sailing boats,her husband was an architech,I have had trouble posting this message and so if anyone has any info on anyone I mentioned or remembers me cheryl noone or my brother graham noone plz get in touch via my fb page :- chezza noone,my profile says I went to laindon high road school,or thru email chezza2208[AT]hotmail.com,I am so looking forward to hearing from anyone (especially geoffrey lol) ,with regards....cheryl x

Looking For David

posted by georgia on 20 Oct 2015 at 9:35 pm

Hi am looking for a david harris /harrison from newport aged about 43/46 i dont no mutch about him other than he was close to his grandmother grandfather .he had a sister .he also had a friend named carl also from newport who mived to newcastle some years ago . I think daved has moved on to hull and has two daughters under 18 . If any one can help or tell him am looking for him thanks

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