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Doggie Doos In Bexhill

posted by gremlin on 04 Apr 2015 at 12:15 am

I understand it's an annoying subject for a lot of people both dog owners and dog haters alike.

I wanted to discuss the practicalities of cleaning it up which sadly a lot of people don't do.

I carry bags and clean up after my girl. However, I do have some exceptions.

If she does it on the beach far away from the de La Warr and close to the shoreline at low tide I don't. There are three reasons for this. One is that the tide will come in shortly and wash it away. Two is that I would then be carrying a bag of it for over 30 minutes until I return to the pavement. Three is that she often chooses to go in what is for me a mud pool which is very difficult to get to.

The alternative is that we are in the woods and her bottom is stuck in dense woodland which is impractical to get to for retrieving said article.

However, what does annoy me is how so many people don't clear it up anywhere ! Pavements and grass verges should be totally free and clean. Kiddies play there and it can make children blind.

Recently someone put up notes on railings asking people to clean it up. Why don't people ? A prime example is the guy with three german shepherds. Never a bag in sight.

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