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Hate Crime Not The Way Forward.

posted by Paul Minter on 07 May 2016 at 4:04 pm

A pensioner was sentenced to 12 months conditional discharge for abusing a Muslim lady wearing a head covering / hijab. Quite rightly the majority will agree with the prosecution and sentence. Being abusive verbally or physically to anyone is not acceptable.

If we hold strong faith convictions it is better to promote them in a positive way. Many are hurting in society and need practical help. From the young, disabled, to pensioners who can be house bound and lonely. People are more likely to agree and support us if we give our time and money to those in most need in society and show love in practical ways.

It would be good for this case not to end here. Perhaps the pensioner on reflection might like to make a public apology and offer some practical help to the victim to show future good will?

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