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Bexhill Beach - Only Looking.

posted by Paul Minter on 26 Jul 2016 at 5:28 pm

I went for a couple of walks along the sea front today, the first from 1.30- 3pm, the second just now 5- 6pm. What was very odd was as you approached the front there were a huge amount of cars, but there was hardly anyone on the beach. I could walk 50 yards with not a single person, then just 1 or 2. Where were the people from a couple of hundred cars? I walked from Galley Hill to the far end of South Cliff. The only place with a bunch of people was where the water comes up from the ground, but none of them seemed interested in going on to the beach.

Lastly I thought the point of the revamped Colonnade was it being open on beautiful sunny evenings like this. 5pm and everything is shut.

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