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N.B.A.R (North Bexhill Access Road)

posted by steven wanstalk on 16 Aug 2016 at 8:30 am

Well it's in full flow now, the NBAR, lost count how many jcbs there are up buckholt lane and the surrounding fields, there is now a temporary road from the New A269 link road and travels across fields also across Buckholt Lane, and beyond to Lunsford Cross, you don't hear chainsaws now. But you do hear heavy plant machinery now, there's a bridle way been put in at the bottom of the field beyond the pond, and ivr heard rumours that the north end of Buckholt Lane WILL be closed soon. And there's a limited speed limit of 10mph on the temporary road they have put in.
So plenty of activity going on.
Please comment if you have anything to say on this subject......

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