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New Year Resolutions.

posted by Paul Minter on 26 Dec 2016 at 12:21 pm

On a private level, to read the Bible cover to cover 4 times, once every 3 months; and to read the Quran 12 times once each month, both in various different translations and compare. To attend church, which I sometimes do and at other times don't for months, more often and offer to get more involved.

More important is to give love to all. To come out of my shell and be proactive in loving one to one. To encourage others to open up and share my love of Jesus. We can all see the visible churches around town, but do we see the invisible church speaking to hearts and minds and making lives better? In the past I have given gospels, perhaps it is better to give myself?

If people will not come to us, then we will come to you - must be the message of the churches. God bless.

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