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Elliott Family

posted by hannah on 21 Jan 2017 at 12:04 pm

Hi, i am currently reading an autobiography penned by a Walter John Eugene Elliott (1890-1977). I am reading it for my university course, as I take part in a project called Writing Lives. During this project we aim to get these autobiographies and the lives of the individuals into the public domain. I am therefore delving further into the life of Walter Elliott. He was part of the family which owned Elliot's Stores. His mother was Fanny and his father was Richard. He had three siblings, Edward, Lily and Alfred. I was hoping to find a little more out about him. In his memoirs he speaks of WW1 and mentions marrying a Gladys. I was hoping somebody could help me. I can't seem to find a marriage record, so I was wondering if this marriage even legally took place. Also whether he had any children of his own. It would be fantastic if I could get into touch with any of his descendants, his story so far is a very fascinating one!

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