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Looking For New Friends

posted by peter johnson on 21 Jan 2017 at 12:17 pm

I have lived here in Bexhill for 30 years. As time has gone buy people come people go, we get stuck into a rutt of work, family and getting on with life then you turn around and your on your own .
I am looking for new friends for coffee, a beer, a game of squash from time to time maybe even a trip to the dogs
my interests include
motorcycles trucks computers mechanics nature wheeling and dealing i like squash just a knock about. like to keep fit but lost interest over the years. always up for new ideas and new ventures

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posted by Brenda Etheridge nee Preston on 10 Apr 2017 at 7:24 am

I was born in Bexhill many years ago. I have travelled around the world but have lived in Somerset over 30 years. I still don't have friends. It's not easy to strike up new friendships these days. Everyone too busy . I try to visit Bexhill at least once a year to stay with my old school friends. Just try and join a club of sorts is my advice. Hope you have some success. Loneliness is grim.

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