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Early Memories

posted by Lawrence Spiers on 21 Feb 2017 at 8:33 am

I was at Wilton house school 1961 to 1963. great fun for a child and so much space in the grounds with that large field and the sandpit and swings to the left, close to a private girls school. I remember a nice old guy came round giving out Werthers original toffees to us kids. probably a mate of the headmaster Mr Aure, but I never remember any weird stuff. I had lots of friends I can't remember their names, though I can remember a girl called Marjory Broomfield and Mr Farmfield was a strapping chap. I remember the ceiling breaking one night and we had to move...I went to see the film "summer holidays" in the minibus and climbing up the hill in the snow with my mum. I went back there recently and was saddened to be unable to find the place. best wishes to you all

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