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Nazareth House 1960

posted by Barbara boxall on 05 Aug 2017 at 9:54 pm

My dad died in 1960 and mum was left with eight children . It was decided that 6 of us be sent to Nazareth House Bexhill. Sr Crescentia was the head . It was really an orphanage. The nuns there were awful . I witnessed them pulling a little 4 year old by the hair. My younger brothers were only 4 and 3 . It was a nightmare ghtmare time for us . Sr Alphonso and Sr John and sr Crescentia were evil

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Nazareth House 1960

posted by Sue McKee on 09 Aug 2018 at 9:03 am

I was born in 1960, & believe me & my Mother moved to Nazareth House shortly after. My mother worked there, as I was so young, I only have vague memories. I remember Sister John Ogelvie (spelling?). I also remember the children being given a fire engine for Xmas, which I was accused of stealing one of the firemen, another beating followed.
My Mothers name was Helen Reid, & was originally from Manchester, although I was born in London. Wonder if anyone remembers her?

I Remember

posted by Sheila Varian on 27 Apr 2019 at 3:22 am

Sister John Ogilvie originally came from the Gorbals tenements in Glasgow. From about 1955-1962 I attended St Mary Magdalene’s school held in a wing of the convent. Sister John taught a version of history where the Scots were the heroes! She also refereed the football for the boys racing up and down the field with her habit tucked up and blowing her refs whistle. She was always kind to me possibly because I was small and too skinny, but made my now sister in law walk on a broken leg. She could also be hard on the children who lived in the convent and was known to throw blackboard dusters at children’s heads if they weren’t paying attention. She was a tough lady from a tough area but certainly not a quiet calm nun like Sister Alphonsus.

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