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Ex Merland House Prep School

posted by Paul Hanbury Hutchinson on 29 Apr 2018 at 11:18 pm

Just found this site.I was at this school when it moved from Buckhurst Road to 130 Devonshire Road.Stanley L.B.Smith and his wife(whose name escapes me)ran the school. They had a daughter Dorothy about my age(7 to 8)Iwas there for about 2 years and some of my school holidays were also spent there between 1947 - 49.My claim to fame whilst righting a letter to my mother was to swallow a nail I was whisked up to Mr Smith and made to eat several slices of new bread and then to hospital they decided to see if I would pass it normally.Luckily as I was about to go to hospital for operation it appeared and was paraded round the school in a kidney dish. During summer hols we used a beach hut on the beach which was about one mile away with woods in between and then an iron railway bridge.Boys had to change outside with the girls giggling inside.My memories of Mr and Mrs were mostly pleasant and caring. If Dorothy reads this she remember when we went through a wedding service and reception ( not consummated of course!) The girls school next to us dressed in light brown were a noisy lot and the other girls schools nearby Ancaster Gate were a bit aloof when we walked by in out green and yellow uniform those walks use to be very enjoyable.I also remember a very happy christmas I can only remember a number of girls Pat Elliott from London Josphine Mckeskal from London Cynthia Hughes(day pupil from Bexhill on sea.)Pamela Fraser (day pupil from Bexhill on sea)Victoria Mitchell from London anyone can tx me on o786699163

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