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Braemar Children’s Home

posted by Guy Woodley on 28 Nov 2018 at 8:57 pm

Does anyone remember Braemar .It was a children’s home at the end of fairmount road and de la war road .Its where the king offa way traffic lights are now .My good friend Egbert hunt lived there with his brother Richard and two sisters one of which is called Julie .Im 54 years old and also remember Gary Kiff who lived up by Chantry school ,Off Barrack road .Im hoping I can find Egbert as I think he moved back to London

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Braemar Chidren's Home

posted by Maria Lozano on 28 Jan 2019 at 1:56 pm

Hello - I remember Braemar House. My little brother (Carlos) and I used to stay there for a few hours a day, as young children, whilst my mum went to work. I was there for at least six months, and my brother for at least a year. I have just turned 53 and my brother is now 51 - so relatively close to you in age. At present, I don't particularly recall any of the other children myself but my mum does remember two girls who lived there at the time. She believes they were aged about 11 years when I was aged 4 and my brother was aged 2.5 years. Would these two girls be the sisters of your friend Egbert? I could make further enquiries on your behalf if you think it might be helpful.

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