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Merry Days (not)

posted by Dianne on 01 May 2020 at 5:20 am

For no reason at all I stumbled on this site and had an immediate flashback to "Merry Days" on Cantelupe Road. It was run by Mrs. Auer and Miss Warner whose love for their terriers,Toby and Towzer, definitely did not extend to their primary students. I was there in the late 1960s - one of very few children of color or other ethnicity (my sister was Hazel and there was a Jamaican group of sisters for a short while whose surname was Myrie, and then Italian sisters Sonia and Sara Biagioni) and they made life for us a living hell. I vividly remember as a 7-year-old the unpalatable food, being given fresh underwear only once a week, the disproportionate punishments, being yelled at and publicly humiliated. It was a nightmare of Dickensian proportions.

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