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Bexhill Poop Problem

posted by Helene Packman on 20 May 2021 at 2:09 pm

So sorry to hear about the poop problem you have - I live in Eastbourne. Was looking for a new adventure for my dog. Is Bexhill a bit behind the poop bag times? Have the council put enough poop bins everywhere? Eastbourne is obviously not perfect but the parks, particularly where loads of dogs go, have no problems but then for instance, there are bins and many poop bins so we are never far from getting rid of it. Sometimes there are the lazy people or one just gets missed so when we see a poop we clear it up. We have posters warning of the danger to children from what is in the poo, poop bag dispensers (although if someone needs one they usually ask a dog owner - they are so cheap) Think maybe it would be an idea to talk to the council about dog poop awareness - get them to be more proactive and maybe as here, have voluntary dog wardens who are dog owners in different areas. Really hope things improve for you all. Good luck.

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