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posted by Bob on 12 Oct 2021 at 9:34 am

Coronation 53.
Looking at some old photos last week i found one dated June 1953.
I would have been 8 years old and attending Barrack Road Junior school. I think the photo was taken in the school or church hall that used to be at the end of Barrack Road by Belle Hill as it was then known. I presume we may have been given a day off school for such an event as we are in some sort of fancy dress. Don’t know if this was organised by the school or council or just parents. There are 6 children in the photo and 3 or 4 adults. I am dressed as a char lady which i think was to do with the radio show ITMA. Can i do you now sir being the catch phrase. I think i came third in the competition but that might just be wishful thinking. I believe it was won by Gillian French who was dressed as a television set. Not many of us had those in them days. Another name going round in my head is Pam Fuller. Don’t know if anyone else can remember that photo or what other celebrations took part in Bexhill that day.

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