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On Sea By Sea

posted by Bob on 01 Nov 2021 at 10:47 am

I was watching the regional weather forecast the other week on tv and 2 names on the map were Bexhill on sea and Shoreham by sea. Which set me thinking as to which is most accurate or correct. Other towns like Hastings and Eastbourne don’t use either and both are seaside resorts. I lived in Bexhill from the age of 5 until early twenties and when sending letters or cards always used Bexhill on sea as address often mail would arrive with just Bexhill on. Literally Bexhill is more by the sea than on it. Does anyone know who decides the name is it local or county councils or dignitaries from past history. I wonder if a poll was taken how many people would refer to it as just Bexhill or Bexhill on sea. Strange what this pandemic has done to my brain box being indoors so much and thinking of trivia like this.

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